Gazaian Orphan taken care by Cansuyu b Martyr

Gazaian Orphan taken care by Cansuyu b Martyr

We have met Cansuyu Assistance Organization Foreign Affairs Responsible Åžerafettin MollaoÄŸlu a while ago.

We have met Cansuyu Assistance Organization Foreign Affairs Responsible Åžerafettin MollaoÄŸlu a while ago. When we have completed our interview about how they deliver the benevolence and clean hearths as well as the salutations of Anatolian people to far away counties we had that sad new from Gaza. 5 years Ahmet el Samuni who father has also been murdered by Zionist cruel barbarians has been martyr as well. So we have met Åžerafettin MollaoÄŸlu once again and we talked about that little martyr who has met Allah with that event 


* Mr. Åžerafettin we have spoken about the preparations of Cansuyu before the Ramadan month. However before we publish that interview we got that sad news that turns our world up and down. May we learn that even from you with the details?
*. Sure. As you know the world has been shocked by the atrocious attacks of Zionists in the end of last year and beginning of this year. The murderers who have lost their humanity have killed hundreds of brothers in Gaza. They used tons of bombs and killed our brothers. One of these martyrs was the father of Ahmet el Samuni named Atiye.

* When did he martyrize?
* He martyrized on 4th January in Gaza. That was a day when the attacks were the most intense level. So we have taken after that orphan child of 5 years old because his mother Mrs. Ziynet was in difficult condition with her 7 children. Mehmet Åžahin from Manisa afforded all costs of that orphan boy and we have been the mediator.

* Since when you have been delivering aid to Ahmet el Samuni?
*.We were bringing aid to the family of Ahmet el Samuni since May. Now we have lost the child that has been entrusted to us.


* How did you get the news?
*. As Cansuyu we are in constant communication with Palestine.  I did our routine contact the other day. We have brother called Usame in Gaza; he takes care of the orphans and his pseudo is” father of orphans”. Usame told me on the phone that Ahmet el Samuni martyrized and we were ruined.

* I saw the pictures of Ahmet el Samuni. It was a child. An innocent Gaza hero…What did you do when you heard the news?
* Is it possible to hold the tears? I take care of the orphans separately. Ahmet el Samuni was 5 years old and he was under the wings of our organization. He had 7 siblings and he was coming from a very poor and religious family. Staying silent against this barbarity is turning into devil. We all had things to do. We had this sorrow many times before but this one is too harsh. His father has been murdered a couple months ago during the attacks upon Gaza. He was taken care of Turkish Muslims and he had orphan grant. And now he is a martyr like his father. Is it possible not to revolt, to be affected, to be angry and to cry?

* Will ypu continue your aid to the family of Ahmet el Samuni?
* Of course. This is our responsibility. His father Mr. Atiye and AHmet el Samuni have entrusted to Islam community this family. Our organization will do what is to be done.


* If you wish we talk about the activities that your organization is planning before the Ramadan. Why do you do these activities?
* Our brothers who do not want to stay silent againt the pain of the people in need and they need an organization that could reach the points that they cannot. Our organization can contact with the people that they can never do and they chose us and they entrust us their donations to deliver them.

* What does your organization do about this?
* Cansuyu is very particular at every point. It tries to deliver the aid determined to the poorest and the most miserable people. Benefactors see that effort. That’s why they send their donations.

* Do you send assistance only to abroad?
* No, because we are primary working in Turkey. We never ignore this

* so how do you choose the organizations you communicate?
* We are already in contact with the organization residing abroad. This is very particular and that’s why we work with conscious Muslims in each country. We were already having dialogues with these organizations since long time. This is not a new thing. These are important advantages for us. These are all settled trustable, clean, conscious and correct organizations.


* don’t you face any difficulties?
* Of course, we are fighting with a lot of difficulties. There is struggle in each phase of this work but in the same time there is a beauty in each phase. We ignore the difficulties by focusing upon the beauties.

* Where do you go as foreign country? To which regions do you reach?
* We go to Niger, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Mal, Mozambique, Somali, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Kosovo. We have relatives. We never neglect Balkans and Caucuses. There are people in Middle East or Far East without bread. Our goal is to provide food to African children before they are attacked by condors.