Muslim Societies Association Congress

Muslim Societies Association Congress

Cansuyu Organization General Director Mustafa K

Muslim Societies Association Congress

Cansuyu Organization General Director Mustafa Köylü made a speech in 21st International Muslim Societies Association Congress and gave information about Cansuyu Organization providing aid to the sufferers of the world.

Köylü gave information about the foundation and activities of Cansuyu Organization and said: Our organization was founded in 2005 in Ankara. It provides aid to the poor people, sufferers, miserable people, pople in need, orphans and disabled people in Turkey and all around the world. It carries out its activities in entire Turkey and 62 countries of the world”.

Köylü stated that it performs its activities with the slogan “Cansuyu meets you with the real sufferers” continued: “Our organization has been in the first 5 relief organization of Turkey. It aims to be a globally respected relief organization by 2015”.

517 water wells in 57 countries

Köylü gave information about the foundation and activities of Cansuyu Organization in his speech in the congress held by ESAM and said: “ One of the biggest needs in the middle of the desert is the water. Our team has seen this and opened 517 water wells in 14 countries”.

Relief Federation was founded

Köylü draws attention to the primary aim of Cansuyu Organization which is developing the poor people and said: “The fact that the poverty is in intense majority make it possible for the Civil Organizations to solve the problem individually or with small cooperation. Therefore we need much bigger organizations”.

Even though there are big scaled relief agencies in the Western world their goal is not only providing assistance but also converting into Christianity and obtaining political power, said Köylü and continued: “ Therefore we have made the first steps to found federation as 10 relief agencies from 10 different countries”. A federation named IFRD(International Federation  For Relief & Development) has been founded and it was participated by Malaysia , (Yayasan Amal Malaysia Amal Foundation of  Malaysia), Türkiye, (Cansuyu Assistance and Cooperation Organization) Bangladesh, (Islamic Aid Bangladesh) Sudan, (Ehsan Charity Organization) Indonesia, (Baitulmaal Indonesia) Philippines, (Bangsamoro development Agency) India, (Jamaat E Islami Hind)   Sri Lanka, (Serandib Foundation For Relief & Development) Egypt, (Egypt Medical Syndicate) Pakistan, (AL-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan)’

Current Economic System increases the poverty

“Poverty is a problem as old as the human history and it never gets any older. This issue maintains its existence in the particular features of each era. To be able to demolish this issue required the collective struggle against poverty and the issues caused by the poverty because the poverty is not an inevitable result or eternal existence category. It is a political, economical and cultural problem caused by the inability of sharing the sources in a fair way.


“As long as the current economical and political systems are used the number of poor people will always increase. If the revenue distribution is not performed in a fair way the system will continue containing poverty which means the reason of poverty the unfair distribution of the current sources

Cansuyu Organization Director Mustafa Köylü‘s speech was followed attentively by the participants of the congress

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