Dont't let ETHIOPIA be like ARAKAN

Dont't let ETHIOPIA be like ARAKAN

Ethiopia is one of the most important centers of Islam history. This country being first Hejira area and cleaned by the trustable hands


Ethiopia is one of the most important centers of Islam history. This country being first Hejira area and cleaned by the trustable hands of King Necasi has been a great place for the first Muslims. Ethiopia is important for Islam Society thanks to Bilal Habesi and Ummu Eymen, is under heavy pressured nowadays. We have spoken about Ethiopian Muslims with Sociologist Ismail Mansur Özdemir who is Ethiopia Coordinator of Cansuyu Organization and working as Social Policy Specialist.


Let’s start with the general condition of Ethiopia, Mr Ismail

Sure. Ethiopia is one of the most important countries of Eastern Africa which should be considered within the concept of integrity of East Africa. The significant existence of Christianity in Islamic civilization of East Africa and it power in the government give it a political importance. Since Muslim ocean is perceived as Christian Island Western Countries and organization see it as an important operational center as well. The African Union center is in this country and International assistance organizations and aid studies are made through this country and especially for religious based activities have been based upon this region which proves the importance of Ethiopia.

Why Muslims are in this country are important for Occident?

The number of Muslim population and the fact that it has been surrounded by Muslim countries brings the idea that a government issue would work for the Muslims worries the Occident and that’s why they shape the government and power holders. This government situation is from time to time in difficulty which pushes the Western Countries to perform multi dimension activities in this country. The power in the country as well as the Ethiopia fact within the region is not some points that could be neglected by the Western countries.

What are the primary problems of the country?

There are many serious issues. There could be harsh social disconnections because of the rigid social differences in addition to the ethnical diversity. The country does not have a middle class and there are severe poverty and richness as tow social classes. There significant differences between urban and rural lives as well as development issues and accumulation of development in one region create the primer social and economic issues. The results of the regional drought could be tolerated only with the external aid. It can be said that there is an important causality between political, political religion balance and international aid.

What is the percentage of Muslim population?
It was recently written in the web page of CIA that the percentage of Muslims in the region was 60% but this information has been removed upon the request of the government. The existence efforts of the Muslims are a result of their effective percentage in the total population of the country. Since there is an important relation between this percentage and political and cultural representation demand, the government does not let the Muslims to exist by using their Muslim identities

What is the condition of the Muslims?

There is an endless poverty issue and especially miserable conditions of the districts where Muslims live which make the social mobility impossible and the political elites are completely chosen among tee Christian minority. When you look at the typology of the Christianity of the region it is seen that they are completely independent from Western Churches and in distinctive characteristic.  The conflict between the religions is not too severe and the management is at Christians’ hands that are supported by West.  The city and government is under the control of Christians Muslims are more populated in rural areas. Because of the current conditions of the urban areas, literacy and educational status are in favor of Christians. This creates a problem of equal opportunities against Muslims which is also a breach to human rights. As there are positive advantages in favor of Christians, there is a great gap of opportunities between Muslims and Christians. The one ruling the cities and government, run the social facilities and international opportunities in favor of their parties. To be able to end this unfair circle in the country, there is intense Muslim student flow to Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, India, South Africa and recently Turkey. This and creating higher education organization will be more common and the literacy percentage of the region will change in favor of Muslims in a ten years period.


Does the state try to prevent this alternative?

Of course it does. They try and will try to prevent any opportunity that could be in favor of Muslims of the country. If the Muslims meet their percentage advantages with other opportunities and abilities there could be significant changes in Ethiopia in means of cultural, social and political presentation of Muslim society. The government has brought Ahba